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Launched in 2019, blóma! is a small accessories and jewellery brand created by me Georgia! Everything is designed, handmade in small batches then packaged and dispatched by me from my home in Manchester, UK. 

blóma! was born out of love for vintage jewellery, design, craft and slow fashion. I am committed to maintaining the highest level of satisfaction and quality for my customers. 

Along with this I’m dedicated to minimising blóma!’s impact on the environment and providing the most sustainable version of my products.

All the packaging can be recycled and I would love you to reuse it where you can. So why not hang on to the box and packaging your jewellery was delivered in and use it again the next time you need to post something? 

The cloth dust bags your jewellery is packaged in can also be reused in a number of ways. You can use them for their intended purpose of keeping your jewellery safe when not in use or why not use them for something else? Such as; to keep loose change in your handbag, to store toiletries in when you’re traveling, to store bobby pins in to prevent them from getting lost, to keep a piece of fruit safe from getting bruised or to keep your headphones in. The possibilities are endless!

Where possible, I try to source the most sustainable materials I can by purchasing vintage, second hand and deadstock beads and jewellery. By doing this I ensure that these beads, instead of going to waste, can be remade into new and exciting designs. 

Although I try my best to use as many vintage, second hand and deadstock beads as I can, it is not always possible to source the quantity of beads I need for my most popular designs. In this case, I make sure that I source good quality beads from trusted and reliable wholesalers. 

If you have any questions or suggestions regarding my practices, please get in contact via the contact page.


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